Letter to the editor

Last week, I performed one of my final acts as the President of the Student Government Association (SGA) – conducting SGA’s campus-wide Spring Elections. Chairing the Election Committee certainly has been one of my favorite duties in all of my years on SGA, as it allowed me a glimpse of what lies ahead for SGA and the student body after my time here has concluded.

This year marked the most uncontested SGA election cycle in several years. While I recognize that this makes taking the time to vote unappealing, it is still vital that students participate in every election so as to allow their voices to be heard. I greatly appreciate and thank the 432 students who took the time to cast their ballots, and for making this election the highest voter turnout since the spring of 2012. Regardless of how you voted, it is very important that you took the time to conduct your civic duty.

Throughout Election Day, April 13, I watched much excitement and anticipation unfold. Several candidates campaigned to request the vote from you, the students. A great deal of conversation regarding SGA’s referendum questions developed. Several students also pushed for their favorite faculty, staff and/or administrator to win the annual SGA awards. Expressing all of these opinions to SGA is imperative, as doing so allows us to protect the rights and privileges of the University community, advocate on behalf of the student body and foster growth through community and leadership opportunities. I encourage fellow students to continue to utilize future elections to carry on these conversations about SGA’s work and campus topics in order to keep the members of our community fully active and engaged global citizens.

I would like to thank everyone who supported our elections to make them a success. Thank you to the Election Day volunteers and Election Committee for the several hours you devoted to ensure an equal and accessible election process. Thank you to SILD, Facilities, Dining Services, Campus Events, Dean Melinda Stoops, Vice President Linda Vaden-Goad, First-Year Programs and everyone else that offered assistance in promoting voting. Thank you to Trustee Chair Richard Logan and Chief of Staff Rita Colucci for speaking to our Student Trustee candidates. Thank you to all of the faculty members who encouraged their students to vote. Most importantly, thank you to SGA Administrative Assistant Nikki Curley and SILD Director Claire Ostrander for all of your hard work in preparing and conducting the elections.

Finally, for the underclassmen that will be returning to Framingham State next year, I have two parting requests. First, please be sure to exercise your right to vote in all SGA Elections down the road. Second, do not hesitate to utilize the newly-elected officers and Senate of SGA as a means to continue the welcoming and positive community of Framingham State University. They have been elected to serve you, and I can say with experience that they will do so with much pride.

  • Dan Costello, SGA President