Pride Alliance presents on Northeast LGBT Conference

This year’s SGA eBoard and senators pose for a photo after their meeting on Tuesday, April 19. (Photo by Jennifer Johnson).

Revisions to the SUAB constitution were approved by SGA during its meeting on Tuesday. According to Sarah Cowdell, president of SUAB, the constitution was redundant in certain places and needed to be reorganized.

The old constitution stated in order to vote and run for a position on SUAB members had to be present for the full academic year. This has been changed, and now a student has to be present for the majority of SUAB meetings for the semester in order to vote and run for a position.

The funding request for SGA to attend the American Student Government Association Boston conference was approved.

The Wildlife Club presented their experience at a conference in Pennsylvania. Club members Rachel Holland and Drew Shaheen said they attended a wide range of workshops and learned wildlife skills they never would have otherwise. The workshops included skull identification, animal deterrent solutions and turtle tracking.

Students stayed in log cabins and there was no WiFi, which “forced us to spend time outside” according to Holland.

Pride Alliance President Rylan O’Day and member Brigitte Manseau presented the Pride Alliance’s trip to the Northeast LGBT Conference at Stony Brook University in New York.

On the first day, there were two keynote speakers, and on the second day, the students spent the majority of their time in workshops. O’Day said one of the workshops made him realize resources for hate crimes and sexual assaults are not as easily accessible at FSU as they should be and he hopes to change this.

President of SGA Dan Costello announced the surplus allocation will not be dedicated to a water bottle filling station due to construction and remodeling on campus.

The surplus allocation will now be dedicated to either Adirondack chairs or possibly a new scale for the Athletic Center. This is still undecided.

In other news:

Tickets sales for the All University Banquet close April 22

All current and elected club presidents are invited to attend the President’s Council on Monday, April 25.

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