Cost to repair damaged pipe estimated at $15,000

Photo by Brad Leuchte

FSU Facilities staff discovered damage to an underground pipe located near the Henry Whittemore Library on Friday, April 1.

A temporary pipe was put in place as a short-term repair, according to Warren Fairbanks, associate vice president of Facilities and Capital Planning.

The damage to the pipe was caused by tree roots that grew into it and “blocked it up,” Fairbanks said.

He added the Facilities crew had to cut down trees to reach the pipe.

Repairs should be completed by the end of this week or early next week, he added.

Fairbanks said that he does not have the final invoice, but the cost should be around $15,000.

The broken pipeline has caused drivers of the Ram Tram to deviate from their normal routes.

Chris Wisdom, one of the managers of the Transportation Center, said, “A real negative effect is not having the luxury of taking the service road all the way down to hit Route 9.”

He added, “We train all our drivers to know multiple routes to a single destination.”

Wisdom praised University Police for their efforts in “ensuring the area in front of Crocker Hall and Horace Mann has been cleared for our shuttles to drive through.”

He said there were “no significant delays” because there were multiple drivers on call at the time and they were able to adjust to the situation quickly.

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