The Gatepost Editorial: Continuing Costello’s commitment to the FSU community

SGA is tasked with representing the views of the student body to faculty and administrators.

The SGA president position requires someone with passion and dedication, which is why we at The Gatepost are delighted with the selection of new SGA President Ezequiel De Leon.

Not only is De Leon sensitive to the issues our student body faces, but he is also dedicated to resolving them. 

We at The Gatepost would like to offer our advice, as well as expectations, to SGA and their new president.

Above all else, putting student needs before the school’s financial priorities is a vital part of SGA’s job.

It is easy for the Board of Trustees and the administration to get bogged down in the financial and public image side of governing a state university. It is up to SGA to remind the management of FSU that they are here to serve the students, first and foremost. 

However, it is also the duty of SGA to communicate the reasoning and logic behind the administration’s decisions to the student body.

As current SGA president Dan Costello told The Gatepost, De Leon must “be able to see both sides of the issue” and keep the communication among students, staff, administrators and faculty flowing.

From student fees to club funding, SGA oversees important decisions about the use of our money. While De Leon is certainly not alone in the decision-making, he serves as the public face of students and a mentor to those in the senate with voting power.

Of the many issues facing FSU students, there are a couple we at The Gatepost believe SGA should address in the coming year.

While a new parking lot is in the works, it is important for SGA to keep tabs on the persistent parking problem. Commuter students face a battle every morning, and are often late to class because of inadequate parking.

Student space is another lingering issue at FSU. We at The Gatepost see this problem first-hand every Thursday night, as we search for empty classrooms on the fourth floor of the McCarthy Center to work in. There is a clear need for student lounges and hang out spots, as well as an increasing demand for club space.

One of SGA’s primary concerns, after all, is student clubs and organizations. SGA should promote reserving more space on campus specifically for student use. With all the construction currently happening on campus creating more space, there is no better time to address this issue. 

If SGA continues to nurture the strong ties they have developed this year with student clubs and organizations, they should have no problem identifying the needs of our student body and meeting them.

Getting to know different populations of students, from athletes and club leaders to the less involved, is essential to SGA’s decision-making. How can they represent the student body if they don’t know them?

SGA’s visibility and attentiveness to students this year has not been lost on us. Dan Costello and SGA e-Board members have excelled at making SGA accessible, transparent and responsive to FSU students.

We at The Gatepost hope SGA and their new president, Ezequiel De Leon, further this progress in the coming year and continue to champion the needs of students.