Movie Review: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

Zack Snyder is the talentless, disorganized Kanye West of filmmaking.

With Snyder’s latest film, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” he again proves that his style of filmmaking is just a lot of style without much substance at all.

I’ll let you take a wild guess as to what “Batman v Superman” is about. Surprisingly, it really isn’t so much Batman fighting Superman as much as it is about the dawn of Justice League. The actual battle between the two only lasts about 10 minutes maximum.

The movie is a lot of setup for that small bit of payoff. After this, the film takes a predictable turn, lazily shoehorning in references to the Justice League.

There’s simply too much in this movie. Between trying to tell an interesting story of Superman’s place on Earth after the massive destruction in “Man of Steel,” establishing a new Batman and giving him a good reason to fight Superman, introducing Wonder Woman and teasing three other upcoming superhero movies, we have a movie that tries to do way too much. Granted, it is longer than “Spider-Man 3,” but possesses many of the same flaws.

Now to be fair, there are several elements of this movie that do work really well. Primarily, Ben Affleck as Batman. He is an interesting character, if played a little bit safe. I don’t know how likely it is that he can direct a solo Batman movie for his own portrayal of the character, but that could make for a great Batman movie.

Wonder Woman, in her brief appearance in the film, makes a great impression, and I’m very interested in her upcoming solo movie as well.

Really, a lot of the things in “Batman v Superman” that work have nothing to do with Superman. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor goes over the top, but I do like what he was going for in a general sense. Even the titular fight is pretty well-directed for the most part. However, it’s just unfortunate that the audience-drawing bout isn’t even the main conflict in the story, and so it goes by very quickly after a lot of build-up.

Snyder’s fingerprints are all over everything else with this movie. The colors and aesthetics are worn-out, unsaturated colors that drain a lot of energy from this film. The action is just a lot of noise on top of noise played during a fight scene consisting of CGI smoke and lightning as buildings are smashed up and demolished yet again.

There are a lot of other minute details that don’t work in “Batman v Superman” – many of them are just stupid adaptation choices. The biggest problem that I have, besides the cluttered way Snyder makes movies in general, is the fact that the movie is just boring up until the final two fights. It’s a lot of foreplay with not a lot of actual screwing, and once we get there, it’s messy, unfocused, and hard to look at. Despite the few very good things in this movie, I cannot recommend it at all.

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