Letter to the editor

As FSU students, we propose relocating a polling station to campus or within walking distance of campus – such as a town-owned building on the Town Green – to make it easier for students to vote.

By relocating a polling station without opening an additional station the town of Framingham should not incur added costs.

Currently, in order to vote, students either need to drive home or obtain an absentee ballot. Many students lack transportation to go home, and absentee ballots need to be mailed to a town clerk. Some students report requesting an absentee ballot, but not receiving one.

Framinghamโ€™s town clerk confirmed FSU resident students may register to vote in Framingham with a dorm address. However, we believe the voting location is the Memorial building in downtown Framingham that is not within walking distance of campus.

We believe current parking facilities would support the few additional visitors on Election Day. The McCarthy Center is often closed for functions, and this lot could be reserved for precinct voters should the polling station be relocated to campus.

We would like the support of all students, faculty and staff in our efforts. We will circulate a petition in all dormitories and throughout campus, and we urge all to sign it.

These efforts are being led by Hannah Johnson who came up with the idea. Anyone interested in helping may contact Hannah through her school email at hjohnson1@student.framingham.edu.


Hannah Johnson

Kendyl Melanson

Justin Brown

Tamarah Berleus

Kayllan Olicio

Emily Robinson

Anna Lapriore

Jamie Swartwout

Ed Lachapelle

Sarah Sousa

Caroline Rauscher

Paola Florencio

Cassandra Tieneus

Jose Carrasquillo

Krista Jansen