Doo-Wop fills the forum

Doo-Wop Deville brought classic '50 tunes. Photo by Brad Leuchte

The McCarthy Center Forum traveled back to the 1950s on Monday, April 4 as about 60 students, faculty and guests ventured out of the warmth of their rooms and through the spring snowstorm to listen to classic doo-wop music.

Doo-Wop DeVille consists of four instrumentalists and a group of harmonized vocalists. They performed songs from groups such as The Five Satins, The Crests, The Flamingos and The Penguins.

The band included Mark Chenevert on saxophone, Jerry Gregoire on guitar, Dan Moran on bass, Scott Sherman on drums and FSU music Professor Lisa Burke on keyboard.

The vocalist group included Jeff Blast singing bass, Robert Fleig singing baritone and Jim Bramante and John Burke singing tenor. 

The band, approaching their two-year anniversary, formed after five members were in a previous doo-wop band together and broke off to begin their own group to continue playing the genre.

The authentic ‘50s music had members of the audience up and dancing around the forum.

Burke said, “I was really amazed at the response of the crowd. First of all, that so many people came out on such a really lousy day with the snow and terrible underfoot, but also the fact that people were really, really engaged and had smiles on their faces and were clapping along. It was wonderful.”

The group is accustomed to performing for crowds at private parties, outdoor concerts, charity events and functions so Framingham State was not the typical gig for them.

She said, “We are used to playing for events where people get up and dance. … People who are on their feet and so forth, so they had a little bit of trepidation about performing in front of a seated audience in a concert fashion, but they were like, ‘Boy, they were a great audience’, we left with smiles on our faces.”

Doo-Wop DeVille will be playing in upcoming events such as MIT’s 100th Anniversary in Cambridge in May, Neighbors Who Care “Let The Good Times Roll” in Waltham in June and Music at the Mansion in Middletown, Connecticut in July.

FSU students enjoyed travelling back into the ‘50s and listening to the old classics live.

Sophomore Jen Cooper said, “I thought it was really enjoyable. My mom is older so I grew up kind of listening to ‘60s music and so it’s nice to hear it in person.”

Junior Meghan Libby said, “I thought it was awesome. It was a great time. … I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t personally pick this as an everyday thing, but I thought it was a ton of fun.”

Sophomore Olivia Marchioni said, “I liked the ‘50s music. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it, but it was very upbeat. I liked it.”