Seeing double: Pat and Dan Gould talk twinning on and off the court

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Gould)

Identical twins Pat and Dan Gould said for Halloween last year they dressed up as each other.

“Ya, last year,” Dan said, “we needed a last-minute Halloween costume.”

Dressing up as the other twin entailed putting on a name tag, Pat said.

“He had a hat he wore sometimes so I wore that, but nothing crazy,” Dan said.

“It did mix a lot of people up actually,” Pat added.

The brothers are FSU juniors, honor students, members of the basketball team and roommates. 

Lounging in chairs, the two both sported FSU basketball sweatpants, a sweatshirt, the same Nike sneakers – different colors of course – and the same haircut.  The only physical difference in the twins was Dan was also wearing a cast and crutches for his broken ankle, an injury he sustained at the end of the basketball season.

According to the twins, they’ve only pulled off being each other twice; once on Halloween and once when they were in Little League so Pat could play Dan’s position.

“Pat was a better pitcher,” Dan said.

Their suitemate and teammate, Ben Roache, said the twins use each other’s identities’ more than they realize.

“They just introduce themselves as the opposite names,” Ben said. 

“If people ask for their numbers, they put their twin’s number in, stuff like that.”

Dan and Pat may look the same, but the two are more different than they appear.

“I’m more outgoing a little bit maybe, I’m not too crazy though,” Dan said. The statement was more like a question and he looked at Pat who nodded in agreement. 

Even as kids, Pat and Dan’s parents made sure the twins were seen as individuals.  Their mom rarely dressed them the same.

“If we wore the same outfit it’d be in different colors,” Pat said.

“She didn’t want to dress us the same,” Dan said.

“I’m glad she didn’t,” Pat added.

“She saw us as two different individuals,” Dan said.

Pat is a history major with a minor in geography. “I came in knowing I wanted to do history and I think I want to teach eventually,” he said.

Dan, on the other hand, came to FSU undeclared.

“I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do until last year.”

Now with a business major and concentration in sports management, Dan said he doesn’t exactly know what he wants to do.

“Business is pretty wide open, so it’s a good degree to have.”

On the court, Dan plays shooting guard, Pat plays point guard.

While socks, shoes and numbers make it easier for opponents to tell the two apart, they said sometimes the refs have difficulty.

Ben said in the beginning it was difficult to tell the twins apart, but now he has no problem differentiating his friends.

“The way I tell them apart is how they act and talk, once you’re around them enough it’s easy to pick up on.”

The Rams went 5-21 on the 2015-16 season. They lost 60-51 in the MASCAC quarterfinal against Bridgewater State. 

  “I like playing with them,” Ben said. “They get very intense on the court, and I think there is a little rivalry in practice, but nothing crazy. They work very well with each other.”

Pat and Dan chose to get random roommates their freshman year, but coincidentally ended up being neighbors on the 11th floor of Corrine Hall Towers.  Now as juniors, they are living together again in a suite in Linsley Hall.  But the twins said they don’t mind, they also share a room at home.   

“[Being twins] is kind of all we’ve ever known,” Pat said. “It’s nice having someone that’s always with you if you ever need anything.”

“Someone that always has your back,” Dan added.

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