And the crown goes to…

(All eight contestants awaited the results of the pageant. Photo by Erin Fitzmaurice)

The Student Union Activities Board (SUAB) held their annual “Miss FSU” pageant show March 8th in DPAC. The event, which was emceed by senior Danielle Marie, saw all eight contestants perform a choreographed dance routine to kick off the show.

The contestants included Lucy Penderghast, Miranda Leigh, Tasha Rylee, Maddie Alper, Samantha Florino, Kathleen Schipelliti, Dayna Marchant and Jess Nardi.

Presiding over the event were judges Assistant Director of First-Year Programs Ashlee Givins, Office Manager of Career Services and Employer Relations Wendy Davis and Manager of Student Dining at FSU Eric St. Onge.

After the students introduced themselves to the audience, they entered the question-and-answer segment of the event.

Questions for the contestants included what three items would they bring with them if they were stranded on an island, which celebrity would they eat dinner with dead or alive, and how would they change the world for the better?

Up next, the contestants had the opportunity to showcase their talents.  Alper, a junior, donned a mermaid costume while she performed the song “Part of Your World” from the “Little Mermaid” in American sign language. 

“Really unique. I really admired it,” said Davis.

The other contestants showcased a diverse range of talents. Marchant, a sophomore, prepared an authentic Italian sub as her talent.

The event also included a formal wear portion, which saw Rylee show off a strapless high low black dress. Not to be outdone, Schipelliti, a sophomore, went on stage wearing a light pink long strapless gown. Lastly, Marchant came onto stage with a golden strapless gown.

Kathleen Schipelliti was crowned Miss FSU. Second place was given to Dayna Marchant. Third place was Jess Nardi, a senior. Maddie Alper was awarded Miss Congeniality.

Freshman Maria Diploto said, “It was fun, I enjoyed the music and talent portion. I was very pleased with the winners.”

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