SGA allocates $6,000 to The Onyx for annual publication

SGA President Dan Costello and Vice President Ezequiel De Leon discussed changes to the SGA constitution and bylaws with the Senate Tuesday, March 22. Photo by Erin Fitzmaurice)

Funding requests for The Hilltop Players, Brother to Brother and The Onyx were voted on by SGA at their meeting Tuesday, March 22.

SGA allocated an amount not to exceed $6,000 for The Onyx’s annual magazine publication.

Danielle Winters, president of The Onyx, said the number of issues has been cut from 500 to 300 copies.

“The price per unit actually goes up the less amount of copies you request,” said Winters, adding they estimated the final price will be around $5,400 but requested up to $6,000 in case of added expenses.

Brother to Brother requested $3,223.47 for promotional T-shirts for their event, King of the Court Basketball Tournament, on April 21 at 5 p.m. The T-shirts will be given out at the game and also at Sandbox at the end of the year.

The basketball tournament will include 16 teams of four people, and the event will include a DJ, food, promotional foam fingers and a performance from the FSU Fusion dance team, according to the club.

SGA allocated $1,851.60 for promotional T-shirts for The Hilltop Players for their production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Secretary of The Hilltop Players Zach Lambert said the club has given out promotional T-shirts for previous productions which have helped publicize the club on campus.

In other news, SGA revised and approved its constitution and bylaws.

In the bylaws, changes include adding a section for how a club applies for organization status. A club will submit its request to the student activities treasurer which will be reviewed by the SGA eBoard and an Ad-Hoc Committee, which will then submit a recommendation to the Senate for voting.

Another change is a club with an already funded event can request additional funding for an unforeseen expense. Dan Costello, president of SGA, said the student activities treasurer can approve an increase of up to 15 percent on behalf of the Senate.

Additionally, if the request exceeds 15 percent and is less than $600, then the increase needs to be approved by the Finance Committee.

For SGA’s constitution, the position of publicity chair has been removed because it “hasn’t been as effective,” according to Costello.

He added the removal of the positon allows for more opportunities for senators to take a bigger role in SGA.

Another change is the student trustee will be removed as part of the executive branch to its own entity, and to require the current student trustee to attend SGA meetings monthly.

After discussion among members, it was decided that instead the student trustee will attend meetings every week.

Costello said the process of impeaching an elected official has changed from requiring a petition signed by 15 percent of the student body to 8 percent. He said after hearing feedback from the American Student Government Association, that percentage was dropped in order to accommodate the size of the student population.

This impeachment process also requires a three-quarters vote of the Senate.

An article describing the duties of class officers was added to the constitution as well since it wasn’t included before, according to Costello.

Patrick O’Connor, SATF treasurer, said several allocations were made last week.

The Gatepost was allocated $375 for emergency business for travel expenses to accept an award. “It’s going to be a big deal for the school because it’s a really good newspaper, and it’s nationally recognized, and they’re getting awards,” said O’Connor.

The Marketing Club was allocated money for supplies to give out during finals week as part of collaboration between SGA, Health Services and other clubs.

Vice President Ezequiel De Leon said the tables are meant to help students cope with stress and succeed.

The Symphonic Band was allocated money for T-shirts, the Craft Club was allocated money for craft supplies, the Green Team was allocated money for Earth Day clean-up supplies and the dance team was allocated money to buy supplies for its spring semester show.

In other news:

• The Benevolence Awards, SGA/SILD All-University Banquet Awards and Faculty, Staff and Administrator of the Year nominations are available on

• VP De Leon encouraged students to nominate themselves for Senate positions and emphasized it is important to have a Senate that represents the FSU community to “better represent Framingham and all different types of students.”

• On Monday, March 28 there will be entertainment tables to poll students on questions that will be asked during Framily Feud later in the semester.

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