Fashion Frenzy

With spring just around the corner, people are looking to throw out the old and bring in the new. This means that your local Salvation Army or Savers will be filling up with fun additions to your wardrobe. And as college students, we all are looking for ways to save money here and there – paying tuition isn’t easy. While many may be hesitant to buy from a thrift store – and I get it, it’s weird to think about the fact that someone may have already worn those clothes – it’s no different than getting hand-me-downs from an older sibling. Just toss the clothes in the wash and they’ll be as good as new. The best way to make the most of your trip to a thrift store is to keep in mind a few tips that will keep you updating your wardrobe.

1. LOOK FOR QUALITY BRANDS & FABRICS Because thrift stores offer such low prices, it can be hard not to fill up on impulse buys. But its smart to keep in mind that a lot of the clothes left in thrift stores may be there because the quality of them isn’t that great. Look for name brands you’ve heard of, and make sure that when browsing the racks you find clothes that don’t feel or look cheap or overly worn.


Since clothing stores aren’t few and far between, make sure to pop into a few before heading to a thrift store to know what exactly is on the up and up these days. Buying what’s in style can help you be confident in what you’re wearing. Clothes you find may be old,but are still very trendy.


Thrift stores can sometimes be considered taboo because clothes can be damaged, extremely outdated, or smelly. If you know what to avoid, you won’t end up with something completely unwearable. For the most part, stay away from things you think your grandparents might wear, as well as clothes that are damaged, stained or smell. If you make a point to keep away from those items, your thrift shopping adventures will be happier and a lot more fun.


With thrift store clothes, most of the time they’ve been worn. Knowing how to brighten up clothes that are faded or fix sweaters that are pilling will be a lifesaver. Rit Dye is cheap and can easily bring life back into those faded clothes, and using a razor on clothes that are pilling is another cheap way to revitalize them.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re shopping secondhand. When it comes to these clothes, it’s important to look for quality over quantity, despite the fact that the clothes are cheaper. By taking your time while shopping, you’ll find the best bang for your buck and come home with items that are essentially brand new – to you.

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