Bam! Ram safety…

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Been driving since 17 years old. Studying for years. Make a few mistakes here and there.

We take walking for granted. We know how to do that. Well, same goes for driving. We believe we are really good at it.

Commuters need to remember a few things for the four year ride. Get ready to fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the rollercoaster.

Technology in the last decade, wow. So many innovations. iPhones, tablets and laptops. Our phones enable us to be social butterflies.

You see the notification light up on your phone. While driving you are so tempted to reach down and text back. You are going to be late to school and believe you must tell someone you are on your way.

Caring about your well-being is essential. Texting and driving not only puts yourself at risk but other drivers. Accidents can be prevented.

Staying up all night to study for an exam? Sleep deprivation again puts you at risk. Drowsiness behind the wheel increases the chance of you not being alert and fully cognitive of your surroundings. And according to psychology Professor Dr. Michael Greenstein, cramming the night before an exam is not a good study habit. The brain needs good sleep the night before an exam in order to work at its best.

Nothing justifies speeding. And breaking this rule of the road not only makes you prone to tickets and fines, but the possibility of losing control of your vehicle. Motorcyclists themselves must keep their focus on other vehicles around them. Wearing your protective outerwear and helmet always ensures more safety.

Peer pressure leads to more dilemmas. Always listen to your gut about what you believe to be right. Doing the safe thing is not uncool. If your passengers insist on blaring the radio and this distracts your driving, make this clear.

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