Letter to the Editor


Dear Gatepost,

Wow. We organized the teach-in, we taught our classes, our students were engaged, thoughtful, complex and subtle – but we didn’t get to go to other classes. So you did!

Your riveting reporting – covering the classes of Robert Martin (psych), Vandana Singh (physics), (our own) Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz (criminology), Desmond McCarthy (English), Brandi Cutler (anthropology), Niall Stephens (communication arts) and Bryan Connolly (biology)–meant that we got a window on the full teach-in experience; your coverage was engaged, thoughtful, complex and subtle. Your selection of the courses you attended truly captured the depth and range of the subjects that were covered. The photography added so much, too.

How many students were in several #BlackLivesMatter teach-in classes at the same time? We estimate there were hundreds of them given that 145 courses were involved in over 200 class meetings. Because of The Gatepost’s writing and editorial vision, we got a feel for what that was like.

College is about many different things – but we think the classroom/learning experience is pretty central. Expanding on the classroom/learning experience, we sought to connect our communities with the ongoing struggle of #BlackLivesMatter. You showed us just how that worked. And that makes The Gatepost a really big part of our education as well as our civic world.

Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz,
Lina Rincon, Virginia Rutter,
and Patricia Sanchez-Connally

Department Of Sociology