Suit Jacket Posse feels the Bern

Jessa Pereira, Kyle Collins and Anthony Gabrielle perform in the Suit Jacket’s Posse’s first spring performance. (Photo By Amanda Martin)

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Suit Jacket Posse kicked off the semester with a new show, titled “Bern It Up or Bern It Down.”

James Buonopane, this semester’s show manager, started off the show by introducing the new cast, with newcomers Tim McDonnell and András Sévigny and returning members Kyle Collins, Anthony Gabrielle, Jessa Pereira and Captain Tyler DeMoura.

The Suit Jacket Posse gave an entertaining two- hour show, with fan favorites such as Party Quirks, Switch, Words of Wisdom and Sports Narrator. One of the night’s funniest moments was during the skit Rotating Scene, where four cast members are given an answer to a question, and must use that answer while creating a scene.

Freshman Mike Terra said, “Tim McDonnell really stole the show with his guacamole dance,” a reference to McDonnell’s hilarious impression of Dr. Jean’s Avocado.

With the political theme in mind, the troupe had cutouts of Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush available to take pictures with. In one scene called “Narrators,” Gabrielle, Collins, Pereira and DeMoura acted out troubles on a road trip to Canada. Gabrielle brought the Bush cutout on-stage, prompting Pereira, who was narrating for Collins, to respond with, “I want him to be my dad, not you!”

Unlike many of their performances from last semester, Buonopane didn’t ask for many audience suggestions. However, there was still plenty of hilarity to go around. With scattered jokes referencing Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Grammy’s, the cast knew exactly how to keep the audience interested.

Junior Cindy Nelson said, “As someone who enjoys absurd humor, I have to say I love the shows.”

In “Oracle,” another popular skit, McDonnell and Gabrielle acted as one being, each answering a question posed by the audience with one word to create a whole thought. There were many questions about food, such as when a student asked if the Oracle liked gummy bears, to which they responded with a flat “No.”

The next question, continuing the food trend, asked if they liked gummy worms. Their response: “They’re delicious!” Eventually, McDonnell and Gabrielle addressed the food questions, asking, “What is with the questions about food?” An audience member responded, asking if they were offended by food.

To close out the show, the cast performed World’s Worst. For this show, Buonopane asked the performers for the World’s Worst American Sign Language Teacher, Birthday Party, Plastic Surgery, Drug Dealer, Orgy, Assassin, Dictator and Belly Dancer.

When asked for the World’s Worst Dictator, Collins strutted across the stage, announcing, “I’m Professor Dolores Umbridge.”

DeMoura also gave the crowd a good laugh as he walked alone across the stage, humming the famous Charlie Brown Christmas theme, after being prompted for the World’s Worst Birthday Party.

Sophomore Jace Williams said it was “Another great show by a great team!”