SGA approves total budget of more than $400,000 for Fiscal Year ‘17

SGA allocated a combined $407,540.18 to six organizations, including itself, at its annual budget meeting on Friday, Feb. 19.

SGA allocated $182,544.25 for the Student Union Activities Board’s (SUAB) budget for Fiscal Year 2017.

SUAB’s budget will go toward events such as Bingo, Accepted Student’s Day, Casino Night, Family Fun Day and Fright Fest, among others.

When debating the budget of SUAB’s “big performer”, the group initially requested $46,728. SGA approved a budget of $54,428 – an increase of $7,700 from the initial request – for this event. This would give SUAB $32,000 to book a performer, which is the typical booking fee for a big-name act, according to SUAB President Sarah Cowdell.

SGA allocated $50,972.43 for its general budget for FY ’17, which is an overall increase from last year’s allocation, according to SGA President Dan Costello. He added SGA requests money “on behalf of students,” not for the organization.

SGA allocated $17,063 for its travel and conference budget for FY ’17. This includes $4,170.40 for SUAB’s NACA Conference, $1,335.97 for SGA’s ASGA Conference in Boston and $11,556.63 in the travel and conference unallocated fund, which will be used for any club or organization that requests money from SGA’s Travel and Conference fund.

SGA approved $6,000 for its training budget, which will go toward training Senate and e-Board members within the organization, including $5,000 for SGA’s Leadership Weekend next fall.

SGA allotted $8,500 for its diversity budget. This money will enable SGA to co-sponsor on-campus events with other clubs and organizations throughout FY ’17.

SGA allocated $11,193 for the All-University Banquet on Friday, May 5 of next year.

SGA approved $1,500 for its benevolence budget. This will fund the SGA Benevolence Awards during spring 2017. The benevolence awards honor students who excel both academically and in the FSU community.

SGA initially requested $4,000 to print copies of the student RAM Handbook. However, they determined the handbook is availalbe to students online, and so there is no need to print it.

Within the next few weeks, SGA expects to reach an estimate of how much money it will put into its unallocated fund. SGA determines this amount based on the number of incoming students next year, and SGA does not yet know how many new students will enroll in the fall.

SGA approved The Gatepost’s request of $39,652.50 for the newspaper’s budget throughout FY ’17.

SGA allocated $21,100 to the Hilltop Players for its FY ’17 budget, which will continue to fund Hilltop’s performances, such as improv, plays and musicals.

The Dance Team requested and received $16,450 for its FY ’17 budget. With the approved budget, the Dance Team is now officially an organization. This budget will fund the team’s spring and fall semester shows, as well as a trip to a Celtics game sometime in November, among other events.

WDJM, FSU’s student-run radio station, requested and received $14,587 for FY ’17. This includes $1,125 for the fall festival, which will be held in late October or early November, as well as $6,000 for Fram Jam, $1,700 for promotional items and $2,600 for licensing and membership fees to comply with FCC regulations.