SGA allocates nearly $1,500 to the Journal of Critical Thinking

SGA’s Tuesday night agenda included allocating funds to the Journal of Critical Thinking and the Wildlife Club. (Photo by Brad Leuchte)

SGA allocated $1,476.50 to the Journal of Critical Thinking to print its publication, as well as pay for promotional items, at SGA’s meeting Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The sum breaks down as follows: $937 for 100 issues of the Journal, $219.50 for 50 totes and $320 for 100 lanyards. These items will be distributed at Sandbox in the spring.

SGA allotted an amount not to exceed $1,400 to the Wildlife Club for its annual trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston on Saturday, April 23. No more than 40 people may attend. Tickets cost $10 per student and will be sold in the Game Room. This trip will educate those attending about marine wildlife.

Initially, the club requested $1,078. SGA increased funding to include the cost of an additional bus ($400).

In other news:

• SGA Treasurer Patrick O’Connor said SGA will amend some budgets allocated during its budget meeting Tuesday, Feb. 16 over the next few weeks. He said SGA made minor mathematical errors when calculating the total sums of the budgets.

• O’Connor also said SGA’s e-Board voted to allocate an additional $39 to the Dance Team because of an unexpected increase in parking. The Dance Team’s travel and conference is this weekend, and so they could not meet with SGA next week.

• SGA Senator Sarah Cowdell said tickets to the semi-formal dance on Friday, March 4 are still available in the Game Room for $20 with an FSU ID.

• Cowdell added SUAB’s big performer will be announced at Miss FSU on Tuesday, March 8 in DPAC.