Ferr or Foul?: Manning or Brady?

Peyton Manning solidified himself as the greatest quarterback of our generation Sunday when he and the Denver Broncos knocked off the 15-1 Carolina Panthers, led by league MVP Cam Newton, to win Super Bowl 50.

The Broncos were underdogs and, quite frankly, not many people – myself included – gave them a shot to hold the coveted Lombardi Trophy at the end of the night.

Manning was slightly shy of impressive in the game, throwing for only 141 yards and completing only 13 passes.

But those numbers don’t really matter. All that matters is that he got the ring. Just ask the only other quarterback in the debate as the best in our generation – Tom Brady.

Brady’s first Super Bowl run with the Patriots wasn’t anything spectacular either, but all we remember is that he won.

In fact, Brady only threw for one touchdown in the 2001 playoffs and only eclipsed 150 yards in one game.

Admittedly, Brady has more rings than Manning – he doubles him in that category – but multiple titles is an accomplishment that can’t be overlooked.

Last week an ESPN analyst said the difference between zero and one Super Bowls is big, but the difference between one and two is even greater. His point was that only the all-time greats win multiple titles and Manning has now done so.

He is 2-2 in the big game, but the second Super Bowl just solidifies his spot as the best of this generation.

His other numbers speak for themselves. Manning ranks first in MVP awards with five, second in pass completions, first in passing yards with 71,940 and with his win in Super Bowl 50, Manning became the first quarterback to reach 200 wins.

The numbers speak for themselves. Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback to play the game. The question marks came in his postseason play, but now as a multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback, Manning sits alone at the top in this generation.

Some will argue that Manning’s defense carried him to this one. While that may be true, years from now that will be irrelevant and all that will matter is that Super Bowl ring.

I would even go as far as to argue that if Brady and Manning switched places, it wouldn’t even be close. Manning would without a doubt be the greatest quarterback of all-time and Brady arguably might not even have a ring.

That’s all hypothetical, but in reality, Peyton Manning has cemented himself as the greatest quarterback of our generation at this point in time.