Inactive student clubs disbanded at SGA meeting

Vice President Ezequiel DeLeon said the White Ribbon Campaign will be held the week of March 3 and will include several events sponsored by SGA and other offices, clubs and organizations. (Photo by Brad Leuchte)

SGA deactivated 41 clubs, including the debate club, hiking club and puzzle club, at their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Vice President Ezequiel DeLeon said the list, which was published in last week’s issue of The Gatepost, was “a bit larger than previous years,” because there wasn’t a record for the deactivation of some of clubs.

The English Club was reactivated and amendments to their constitution were approved, according to DeLeon.

SGA approved the Chemistry Club’s additional request for $46.25 for their trip to the Boston Museum of Science on Feb. 19.

Sophomore Doug Perkins said the trip was scheduled for last semester, but was postponed, and the new quote from the Museum of Science raised the original funding by $46.25 for bus fare.

DeLeon said the White Ribbon Campaign is partnering with different administrators and clubs.

“The White Ribbon Campaign is a mission put on by the Jane Doe organization wtih the mission of promoting a new definition of masculinity and man-hood,” said DeLeon in an email, adding the white ribbon symbolizes “men giving up their arms.”

SGA and several offices, clubs and organizations will be bringing the campaign to campus, calling for “the university as a whole to come together and say violence against women has happened and can happen here on campus and we must stand up against it,” according to DeLeon.

He said the campaign will be one week and will feature events, such as brave space training by the Dean’s office, a documentary screening, an open forum with administrators and self-defense classes among others.

DeLeon said, “It is exciting to see everyone’s commitment to the community at FSU.”

Sophomore Kirsten Hoey is the new Benevolence Chair. President Dan Costello said it is not an eBoard position, but she will serve on the senate.

Brother to Brother’s constitution was seen for the second time and accepted.

Costello said on Feb. 14 students can donate a meal in the cafeteria. The donated meals are for students with “food insecurities.”

In other news:

  Framingham State’s budget

meeting will be Friday, Feb. 19

at 2:30 p.m.

  Family Fun Day is Sunday, Feb. 21

from 12-3 p.m.

  The U-Rock was given to

freshman Mary Keiley.