Mark Ellis of “schmoesknow” fills MC Forum with laughter

Mark Ellis performs his stand-up comedy to a lively Forum. (Photo by Erin Fitzmaurice)

Comedian and YouTube host Mark Ellis entertained a small crowd in the MC Forum Saturday night.

The show was sponsored by SILD and was part of the Winter Weekends series of events going on this semester until March 4.

Ellis covered a lot of topics in his set ranging from online dating to his love for classic video games.

The audience was engaged, which was helped by the smaller size of the crowd and by Ellis’ constant interaction with them.

In one of his jokes, Ellis told a funny story about an elderly woman who just graduated.

“Somebody turned 94 and was like ‘I got to get my life together.’ Where are you going on spring break? Heaven? Come on, college is supposed to be the best four years of your life, not the last four years of your life,” Ellis joked.

In another joke, Ellis discussed his love for movies, and mentioned his movie review YouTube channel “schmoesknow,” which currently has over 230,000 subscribers.

Ellis stated his theory of why guys love superhero movies so much after hearing one student comment that his favorite movie was “The Avengers.”

“You know why we love those [superhero movies]? I figured it out because we think that could be us. Every dude, we watch “The Avengers” and we’re like, ‘Dude, I can at least be Hawkeye,’” Ellis joked.

Ellis’ performance came after the excitement of an opening set of skits from a duo of the Suit Jacket Posse.

Team Captain of the Suit Jacket Posse Tyler DeMoura and Posse member Anthony Gabrielle opened up the show with two improv skits of their own, in which the audience actively participated in.

Cassidy Doherty, a freshman, was the volunteer for the group’s first act entitled “Switch.” In this skit, DeMoura and Gabrielle would act out a scene suggested by an audience member and switched the topic of discussion every time Doherty said switch.

“It was cool!” Doherty said. “I felt a little embarrassed being in front of so many people, but it was fun to interact with Tyler and Anthony on stage.”

Throughout the two-man group skits, the audience remained entertained, laughing loudly at the pair’s quick banter with one another and actively engaged the duo by giving them suggested ideas to riff on.

DeMoura said, “Mark is honestly a fantastic comedian. He didn’t rely on cheap shots aimed at the school or cliché college jokes to get the crowd on his side. He was able to get it done by reading the audience well and having relatable and topical jokes.”

Ellis said, “When you’re a comic and you see you have a crowd, you go, ‘Sweet, now I know what to do, you know.’ It made me feel at ease. Anytime you have people show up to your show, it’s very exciting. You have to break the silence. You have to get that first laugh. Once you get that first laugh, everybody on stage, including me, just relaxes.”