Ferr or Foul?: NFL to Los Angeles: A great move

While the cities of St. Louis and San Diego may not agree, the NFL made a great decision by moving both the Rams and Chargers to Los Angeles.

Let’s face it: St. Louis has its historical arch and it’s a great tourist city but, sports-wise, it’s a baseball city.

The city’s baseball team, the Cardinals, have made the playoffs every year since 2011, have been to the League Championship Series in four of the five years and have won the World Series once in that span.

Cardinals fans love their team, are so enthusiastic about the sport and the Cardinals home field, Busch Stadium, is gorgeous.

The Rams, on the other hand, haven’t made the playoffs since 2004 and, while their stadium is nice, it’s nothing compared to the proposed stadium that would be built in Inglewood, CA.

San Diego runs into similar problems as St. Louis, except while St. Louis has its Cardinals, San Diego isn’t really enthusiastic about any sport.

Its baseball team, the Padres is getting better, but they don’t fill their stadium, and despite making huge roster moves in recent years, the team just doesn’t win.

The Chargers have the same problem: they just don’t win consistently.

It’s hard when you’re in a secondary market to begin with – but it’s even harder when the team isn’t winning – people just can’t get behind it.

While Los Angeles is in a primary market, one thing needs to happen for this move to be a boom  is for one of the teams to become a winner fairly quickly.

Los Angeles loves its sports and Hollywood loves its sports and both bring in huge sums of money, but that’s only when the team is a winner.

If one thing is clear, it’s that L.A. is pretty fair-weather when it comes to sports.

The major sports teams in Los Angeles have historically been the Dodgers and Lakers, but that’s because those teams have put good products out and win games.

Even as of late, the Clippers are beginning to replace the Lakers in terms of popularity because they win.

The money isn’t a problem early on, as Magic Johnson has already put a deposit down on Rams tickets, but that’s just because the organization is new.

One of these teams needs to become a winner fairly quickly to draw the Los Angeles fans, draw interest and draw the celebrities from Hollywood. Whichever one is able to do so will have no problem becoming one of the most popular and expensive franchises in the league.

The NFL doesn’t care either way. They’re already profiting from the television deals they’ll now have in the Southern California region.

This decision was a good one for both the organizations and the NFL, so long as the organizations can put a winning product out on the football field.

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