Letter to the Editor

Over the past seven years, Framingham State University has made great strides in addressing its carbon footprint and incorporating sustainable policies into its day to day practices.

The University converted its outdated power plant, thus reducing its carbon footprint by over 30 percent, increased its power use created by renewables by close to 20 percent, converted dining services to a totally compostable kitchen while also saving significant amounts of water, reduced paper use by over 25 percent, extended class scheduling allowing for more flexible scheduling of classes and reduced commuting trips, and created a LEED Gold residence hall among other accomplishments.

Where we have fallen short of expectations is encouraging the student body to be fully committed to addressing climate change and sustainable policies at the University. I encourage each student to read our Climate Action Plan which is located on the FSU website, to become familiar with what you can do as a student (i.e. recycle, turn off lights in empty rooms, join the Green Team) and to demand that the University live up to its designation as a Green Campus.

FSU has been designated by Princeton Review as one the most affordable green universities in the country for the past 4 years. That designation is not renewed automatically. It takes commitment and vigilance at every level and is dependant on student involvement.

Please become aware of what is going on environmentally at the campus level and please help to make FSU a leader and a model for sustainable practices in higher education.

By Carl Hakansson
Geography Department
Sustainable Policies Coordinator