Inspect the Tech: Three apps every college student needs to survive the semester

(Photo by Brad Leuchte.)

As The Gatepost’s resident tech head, I have curated three of the best productivity apps to help ensure your success this year.

myHomework Student Planner: iOS, Android, Web, Amazon, Windows, Mac

Unlike most reminder and scheduling apps, myHomework Student Planner puts students first. This feature-rich app makes managing class schedules and assignments simple. This app serves as a digital school planner and allows users to put in their class schedules and update homework assignments as they are given. The app is free but an annual payment of $4.99 rids the users of ads and unlocks additional features.

Pocket: iOS, Mac, Android, Amazon, Web  

Pocket, formerly known as Read it Later, serves as a central hub for articles and videos you want saved for offline viewing on your phone, tablet, or computer. A notable feature is its tagging system that allows students to categorize a large group of articles and videos into specific tagged sections while doing research. The app is free, but a premium version is available.

OneNote: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon, Web

Microsoft’s OneNote is an extremely powerful app, when used correctly. Think of it as your class notebook in the cloud. It’s available on almost every major platform today and is free. The user can set up each class as a section tab within a central notebook. Within those tabs, specific pages for each lesson in that class can be made. By having all your notes on OneNote they become searchable within the application.

Icons courtesy of Creative Commons.