Student-Athlete Profile: MASCAC POY Alycia Rackliffe

(Photo by Allie Card)

Alycia Rackliffe is a junior food science major at Framingham State University with a minor in nutrition.

Rackliffe graduated from Agawam High School, where she started her volleyball career. “I initially made JV my freshmen year and then I got moved up to varsity for playoffs, then played varsity for the next three years.”

Rackliffe was captain of the volleyball team her junior and senior years of high school before being recruited to play for FSU.

During the summer, Rackliffe said she plays in “grass and beach tournaments,” and also enjoys hiking and biking.

Rackliffe comes from a volleyball family. Her older brother played volleyball and basketball, and she said her parents “met on the volleyball court in a church league.”

Rackliffe is recognized for her success on the FSU volleyball and basketball teams.

“I was recruited for volleyball and then decided to play basketball as well.”

This year, Rackliffe was awarded [volleyball] MASCAC Player of the Year and first-team All-MASCAC.

Rackliffe’s success with the volleyball team includes back-to-back MASCAC champions in 2014 and 2015, and MASCAC runner up her freshmen year.

Rackliffe also has been awarded Rookie of the Year, Tournament MVP in 2014 and 2015, MASCAC Player of the Week five times in the 2015 season, first-team All-MASCAC, and now MASCAC Player of the Year.

“Winning Player of the Year really reflects on how the team is doing,” Rackliffe said.  “It’s definitely a team honor.  I just hit the balls, everyone has to pass and set and I’m just the third man in the lineup.

“They give all these awards out for individual stuff, but I don’t see it like that. If we weren’t winning games, I wouldn’t be getting awards.”

Rackliffe said, “Freshmen year it was easy transition into college because of the team and seeing that many familiar faces around campus. It was just the beginning point for me and showed me the way through college. It was the same way for basketball, but volleyball came first, so I hold it closer to my heart.”

“When it comes to time management and homework, I find it easier to get all my things done while I’m in season because you only have so much time. … It has kept me on track and in a scheduled manner.

“It’s been a good year. We set goals,” said Rackliffe. “We set the goals to win the MASCAC tournament and get the bid into the NCAA and were just really excited that we are partway through that goal and headed to New York.”

Framingham State women’s volleyball has never won a game in the NCAA tournament in its history. Rackliffe said, “It’s really just our goal to take that first game and prolong our season a little more because it goes by quick and it’s ending way too soon.

“I’m going to miss my seniors once they graduate. It all goes quick.”

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