Men’s rugby wins championship over Champlain College

Men’s rugby, despite their previous problems with recruiting, has flipped the script and climbed the ladder of success.

The beginning of the season was off to a rough start with an early season loss to Mitchell State.

Under the leadership of team captain and senior Bob Rice alongside head coach Eric Olsen, the blend of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors were able to accumulate seven total shutouts during the course of their season.

During the season, the team familiarized itself with Champlain College, who later became their opponent in the season championship.

The championship match was very close with Framingham winning 27-17.

The team’s assistant Anthony Sheehan expressed his amazement by saying, “While assisting with the Framingham State University’s Men’s Rugby Team, I experienced commitment, camaraderie and improvement that I have not experienced before.”

Rice said “My first few years we didn’t have all that much success, but we’ve built up a solid core these last couple of seasons. Being able to keep that core together and win the championship after basically starting at the bottom makes me so proud.”

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