Guitarist Trevor Babb plays midday performance

(Photo by Darian O'Donnell)

Award-winning musician Trevor Babb played a variety of electric guitar songs Monday in the second Midday Performance of the academic year in the Heineman Ecumenical Center.

A Fulbright award winner and a two time second-place finalist of the Denver Classical Guitar Competition, Babb is no stranger to the stage.

Unlike most musicians, Babb is known for his ability to play a variety of instruments and compose original music. In his performance, “Going Electric,” Babb focused on contemporary music and played the electric guitar.

“I hope that I blow you all away in the best possible way,” Babb said.

His set consisted of four lengthy songs, ranging from six to 14 minutes.

One track, titled, “Of Julie’s Dance… (Invention #8)” by Canadian songwriter Tim Brady, was originally part of a project in which a solo guitarist provided backup while a solo dancer improvised.

Babb remained focused throughout the performance, meticulously strumming the strings of his guitar, enveloping the audience in its musicality.

In the track titled “Slapback” by Michael Fiday, Babb used guitar effect pedals to create disjointed sounds that created a slapback delay effect.

Babb detailed that through the use of his foot pedals, he was able to reproduce the notes he played one-eighth of a beat after he played them.

While initially the original notes would play through the right speaker, after a small delay, the same notes would go the left, creating what Babb described as a “spacial effect.”

“This music does take a lot of language from rock music and hard rock, and it’s a really exciting piece to play,” Babb said.

Babb explained that, as a child, he picked up the guitar and enjoyed such genres as jazz and rock and roll.

In his teen years, Babb decided to develop his ability and went on to formally train in classical music at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

While there, Babb researched a variety of contemporary and classical music, and discovered an interest in pieces written for the electric guitar.

He said he “has gone full circle.”  In addition to composing and playing a variety of types of music, Babb performs concerts solely with his electric guitar.

In fact, during this show, Babb’s only gear on stage was an electric Fender Telecaster guitar, a variety of guitar pedals, an amplifier and a Macbook.

Senior Anderson Santana said it was “wild and unexpected.”

Sophomore Jocelyn Bezulea and junior Emily Larosa said they enjoyed the show.

Bezula said, “It was really good,” while Larosa detailed how she particularly liked Babb’s final piece, titled, “Electric Counterpoint” by Steve Reich.

“The last one was definitely my favorite,” Larosa said.

The next Midday Performance will be on Dec. 7 in DPAC, at which singer and guitarist Willie J. Laws and his quartet will perform their Texan stylings.