The Gatepost Editorial: What event? FSU’s publicity problem

If FSU were graded on its ability to successfully promote on-campus events, it likely would not pass. Despite pitiful advertising, the student body deserves its share of the blame, as they fail to attend even the most significant events.

This collective failure has contributed to the abysmal attendance at several events this semester, including, most recently, FSU’s time capsule burial and the new Hemenway Labs ribbon cutting ceremony.

The buried items appeared to be poorly and randomly selected, and when a mere handful of students bear witness to the burial of a group of items that supposedly represent an entire group of college graduates and will not see the light of day for half a century, something must change.

Furthermore, no one from the Class of 2014 had any say in the selection of the buried items. When their time capsule is retrieved 50 years from now, we at The Gatepost can’t imagine the 2014 graduates will be thrilled to see their class represented by a few T-shirts and a lone scarf.

The Wednesday prior to the burial of the time capsule, an email was sent to FSU students, urging them to partake in this historic moment. On the morning of the event, a Campus Current was posted without a description of the event.
This event took place at 4 p.m. – a time during which many students and faculty are in class. This time was not optimal, to say the least, and probably contributed to the lack of attendance.

Just prior to the beginning of the event, at 3:32 p.m. – a mere 28 minutes before the event – FSU posted a tweet about the time capsule. We at The Gatepost are left wondering if FSU administration is aware of how disorganized and, quite frankly, lazy this makes them appear.

Of the students who attended this time capsule event, four were Gatepost editors, three were SGA members and one was a SILD intern. We at The Gatepost were, quite frankly, embarrassed by this pathetic turnout.

Administrators knew about this time capsule for at least a year. They could and should have more effectively planned out this event or, at the very least, drawn a greater crowd.

In addition, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29 – another time when students are in class. The administration did not send an email notifying students of this event, and it was not posted in either Campus Currents or Campus Happenings. Although it was posted on FSU’s Facebook page the day of the event at 8:21 a.m., along with a Twitter post at the same time, this event was also poorly publicized.

To be fair, we at The Gatepost are aware that student apathy is a contributing factor to these low attendance rates. This is all the more reason the administration needs to competently promote these events.

Does FSU not want students to come to these events?

It sure seems like it.

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