Woodchucks hire FSU baseball head coach for summer league

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Framingham State head baseball coach, Michael Gedman, has been recruited by his former team, the Wisconsin Woodchucks, to be the new field manager.

Gedman was an All-Star in that league in college.  The general manager had been trying to recruit him since he ended his career as a major league baseball player.

He said he was finally able to take the summer coaching job because this is the first summer he “doesn’t have to spend recruiting” for Framingham State.

“We brought in close to 30 freshmen this year, so there’s not going to be many additions,” said Gedman.

Gedman said the season with the Woodchucks starts at the end of May and continues until the first weekend of August.  The season will consist of “70 games in 75 days. … So it’s a ton of baseball,” said Gedman. The team plays about half the games at home and half away.

“It’s a good opportunity,” said Gedman.  “I’ll coach mostly Division I players from the big time schools … it’s a good opportunity to develop as a coach around different players.”

The Woodchuck’s season will not conflict the FSU season, since the Rams’ season ends in the beginning of May.

“It doesn’t affect our season at all, that’s why I took it,” said Gedman.

Gedman is taking two of his former players, who played their last season with FSU last spring, with him to Wisconsin for the summer as assistants.

“Both of them expressed interest in coaching,” said Gedman.  “So this summer will give them an opportunity to see if they really want to do this for a living or not.”

The Woodchucks hired Gedman as “field manager,” which he said is a “pro-ball term for head coach.” His responsibilities will mostly be to get the players prepared to play in the major leagues. Gedman and his general manager will also “share the duties of putting the team together.”

“120 players were drafted from the league last year,” said Gedman.  “Besides the Cape Cod league, it’s the best league that are trying to play professional baseball.”

The league is trying to structure itself like professional baseball Gedman said.  “That’s their big motto,” said Gedman, “to get guys prepared to play professional baseball.”

After Gedman played two years for the Woodchucks, he moved on to professional baseball. “I loved my experience in the league,” he said.

Gedman played professional baseball for three years and three different teams: the Worcester Tornadoes from Massachusetts, the Rockland Boulders from New York, and the Newark Bears from New Jersey.

“I wish my career was longer,” said Gedman, “but it was a good experience.”

After professional baseball, Gedman was an assistant coach at Bryant for three and a half years, before he was hired as head coach for Framingham State University.

This will be Gedman’s third season with FSU.  The first year the team went 20-19 and last year they went 27-19, which also broke the school’s record for wins Gedman said.

“I’ve played since I was little, but my dad played for the Red Sox for 12 years, so we kind of grew up in that environment.”

Gedman’s brother, sister, and father are all currently coaches.

His sister and brother coach at a private school in Dedham, Massachusetts.  His brother, who just retired from the Red Sox after four years, now coaches baseball.  His sister recently graduated from Harvard and is playing for a professional women’s hockey league Gedman said.  She is coaching field hockey, hockey and softball he added, as well as teaching during the day.

Gedman’s father, who played for the Sox during the 1986 World Series, is now coaching as the hitting coach for the Pawtucket Red Sox.

“It’s been a part of what we’ve done as a family for a long time,” Gedman said.

Gedman said he does not plan on leaving FSU and wants to continue coaching for his career.

“I never expected to come back to my hometown after I left,” said Gedman.  “But it’s pretty cool to be able to work here.”

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