Volleyball wins three of four on the week

Beating Lesley 3-1 on Thursday, the Rams improved their record to 15-4.

Set one proved to be a struggle for FSU, losing 25-22, but it came back to win the next three sets, 25-11, 25-16 and 25-12.

The Lesley win in the first set was ultimately due to Ciara Bruning’s six service points, with Sarah Hollis’ 2 kills.

Framingham State quickly recovered for set two, with Sarah Leonard and Danielle Girard getting a combined 11 service points with two service aces each.

The Rams continued to score with consecutive kills by Tessa Neverett, Julia Wan and Alycia Rackliffe, raising the score from 21-10 to 24-10.

The match point was won by block from Rackliffe and Wan.

Set three started out even until Wan pulled the Rams ahead with four service points, two of those being service aces to make it 10-6, FSU.

Wan contributed another three service points to solidify the FSU lead to 22-14 and the set was finished with a block from Annie DeLoid.

The Lady Rams quickly gained the lead in set four, with Wan again supplying five service points, making it 17-7. Rackliffe had two kills, leading up to the game-ending kills from DeLoid.

Framingham State finished the game with a total of 50 kills, 19 of those coming from Rackliffe, nine from Girard, eight from Wan and seven from DeLoid.

Leonard led the team with 30 assists while Mackenzie Whalen followed with 14.

DeLoid contributed a team-high three solo blocks.


In the first of a doubleheader on Saturday the Lady Rams won 3-1 against the St. Joseph’s Monks.

Set one was lost by two points, finishing 25-23, while the others were won by FSU; 26-24, 25-19 and 25-21.

With a slow start from the Rams in the first set, the Monks capitalized on a series of setting and attack errors from FSU, gaining the lead 13-7. The Lady Rams were soon to catch up, until the set ended with two kills from Felicia Wachowiak.

The second set was made up of back-and-forth kills from both teams.

The Monks’ Abbie McPhee got four service points through FSU attack errors to tie it up 24-24.

Needing to win by two points, Neverett sealed the win with two consecutive service aces.

Set three started out tied until Whalen gained six service points in attack errors from Saint Joseph’s, making it 23-15. Wan also contributed three kills.

The final set began with an early lead from the Monks until the Rams tied it up at 17. The game ended with four consecutive service points from Whalen, a kill by Wan and ball handling errors from Saint Joseph’s.

Rackliffe and Wan combined for 30 kills and Leonard had 21 assists. Wan also had six service aces and Leonard and Neverett tied at three. Girard had a total of 21 digs against the Monks and Megan Leavens had 14.

The Saint Joseph’s Monks left the game with a record of 18-2 and lead their conference 5-0. Framingham State finished the game at 16-4 and 3-0 in the MASCAC.


The second game on Saturday proved to be an easy win against UMass Dartmouth.

Winning the first three sets, 25-15, 25-18 and 25-14, the Rams finished the game at 17-4 overall.

Rackliffe totaled 10 kills with only two errors and four blocks.

DeLoid also had three blocks in the game. Girard led the team with seven service aces.

The opposing Lady Corsairs had 17 attack errors on the night, with Eliza Bowes and Megan Ronaghan each having four kills. Bowes also had three service aces out of the team total of seven.

In set one, Framingham got an early lead. Leonard raised the score to 18-7 with five service points. With attack errors and bad sets on UMass Dartmouth’s part, the Rams won the set with a kill from Neverett.

Set two began in favor of the Corsairs, with kills and service aces making it 5-0. Framingham soon caught up with a kill by Neverett to get the ball back, then made three consecutive service aces to gain the lead. The set ended with a serving error from UMass Dartmouth.

Girard shined in the third set, getting seven service points to start. After keeping the lead, Girard again got another five points off serves and the final point was achieved through Molly Meehan’s ace.


After winning three straight games, the Rams lost in three sets against MCLA on Tuesday. The set scores were 25-18, 25-22 and 25-16. This loss against a conference rival drops Framingham to 3-1 in the MASCAC.

Rackliffe finished with 12 kills and Wan had nine. Leonard contributed the majority of assists with 26 of the team total 31. Girard had 12 digs and Leavens had 10. Wan also completed the night with seven blocks. The team did not have any service aces.

The opposing Trailblazers’ Alison Clark had 11 kills and Rachel Mills had 10. Clark also had 17 digs. Courtney Parent had 16 assists with four service aces. Sam Anderson finished the game with four blocks.

Set one was back and forth until the Rams were held at 11, while MCLA built up points from FSU mistakes, making it 19-11. MCLA finished the set with two kills from Mills, one from Clark, and another from Margaret Allen. Chanielle Enomoto ended the game with an ace.

The second set was led by Parent, racking up six service points to make the score 8-2, until broken by a kill from Rackliffe. The Trailblazers kept the lead to win the set.

Set three showed some promise from the Rams until a series of MCLA kills and attack errors from FSU. MCLA kept the lead and finished the game with a kill from Angelica Perfido. Framingham State finished the game with a record of 17-5.