Gatepost Editorial: A year well spent

Every week during e-Board, The Gatepost editorial staff discusses school policies, sociological issues, politics and what we hope to see happen at FSU. We sometimes disagree, and have discussions about the implications for either side of a particular argument.

What we have never disagreed about is the confidence we have in FSU’s president, F. Javier Cevallos.

There have been times when we’ve discussed policies we believe the school should improve, alter or create – but when we begin to do research, Cevallos is often already working on a plan to address the concerns we have.

Cevallos has led by listening. He has been focused, since his first day on the Framingham State campus, to listen to what students, faculty and community members need and what we’ve been asking for. He has made his email available to everyone in the community, and he has stood by his promise to answer these emails personally and in a timely manner.

There have been a few nights when a Gatepost reporter has contacted Cevallos at the last minute, and he has answered our questions quickly and thoroughly.

During lunches in which Cevallos spoke with Gatepost editors, we have been impressed with his genuine interest in our concerns and suggestions about FSU policies.

One of his biggest accomplishments in his first year as president has been the creation of the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer position, which was the number one recommendation of an outside consulting group and still had not been addressed until this year.

When students protested at the end of the fall semester, calling for recognition of incidents that were not labeled as hate crimes, but should have been. Cevallos worked with the new CDIO Sean Huddleston to begin the Bias Protocol Group to address these types of crimes and incidents more effectively.

When a student asked for a prayer center on campus, Cevallos set the gears in motion to create an interfaith prayer center only a semester later.

Additionally, Cevallos has been focused on a medical amnesty policy that will encourage students to seek medical help when necessary even if they have been drinking on campus in order to keep themselves and their peers safe.

Cevallos has lived up to his promises. He has been available to the FSU community, he has promoted diversity in ways that address the specific concerns and needs of students on our campus and he has prioritized policies that promote safety in realistic ways over those that protect FSU’s reputation of a “dry campus.”

In the second editorial we published this fall, The Gatepost e-Board wrote about how Cevallos began the year by fostering a community in which people were inspired to communicate with each other and invest in this campus.

He has continued on this path, and in doing so, has created a community in which respect and inclusiveness is the priority.

We at The Gatepost are excited to see what Cevallos has in store for the coming years and congratulate him on his first successful year and official inauguration.


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