Full academic housing to be available next year

Full academic year housing will be made available to resident students for the 2015-16 academic year in Linsley Hall only, according to Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct Glenn Cochran.

Administrators are expecting a “relatively small” number of students to utilize the full academic year housing, said Cochran, but “it could be important for that group of people.”

Residents who select this option will be able to stay in their dorm rooms on campus during all vacation periods of the academic year, according to FSU’s Room Selection Guidelines.

There will be an added cost of $1,314 for residents who choose a standard room, and $1,495 for residents who choose a suite.

According to Cochran, there will be some “limited food options” during the vacations, but those options are “still being worked out.

“We will be working with Sodexo to find out what we can do with Ramcash. … Maybe an extended meal plan for that period of time. We’re still trying to work out what we might be able to provide.”

He added that Sodexo needs to know how many people will be staying on campus before they can make any decisions.

Alessio Muggli, a sophmore exchange student, said while he couldn’t stay on campus during the vacations, it was not hard for him to find a place to stay.

Muggli said there was a time when his flight was scheduled two days before his move-in date, and Housing said he could not move in earlier.

“They sent me a link to a hotel,” he said.

He added that full academic year housing will definitely be beneficial, especially for exchange students.

Melanie Lorenz, an exchange student, said she did not face any problems with housing this year, since she was either traveling during vacations or had friends in Boston who let her stay with them.

She said she thinks full academic year housing is a “great idea because it makes it easier for exchange students and will open up more opportunities regarding exchange programs.”

She added, “I just feel bad for the people who have to work during holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.”

Linsley Hall will be staffed with normal security and RAs during the vacations, according to Cochran.

He added, “We will continue to monitor student interest and needs on an on-going basis and tailor future offerings accordingly.”