Letter to the Editor

When I read your article, your thoughts reflected the conversation I had with my uncle on Easter Sunday. We had gone for a walk around the neighborhood, but as we walked by Hannaford’s we were shocked to see so many people shopping! Christmas and Thanksgiving are treated as greater holidays than Easter.

As my uncle said, “These same people spend two months getting ready for Christmas, but only three weeks for Easter.”

In the tradition of Christianity, Easter is even greater than Christmas because without the sacrifice of Christ his birth is meaningless. I am so sorry that you felt no excitement for Easter this year or that Lent was overshadowing the celebration. This makes me sad.

It was never the intention that Lent should take away from Easter, but instead put us in the spirit of it. Lent is a spiritual journey to reflect upon his sacrifice for us, and in turn change parts of our own life for him.  This journey leads to Easter, but one that I have not lived as well as I should. (I’m still working on that!) But every year, I look forward in eagerness to the Easter Vigil and have never been disappointed. Standing among the church community, I feel anticipation all around and within me. It’s as if Heaven and Earth are holding their breath.  This year was no different and I want to share the love from that night with everyone I meet.

Going back to your letter, you’re right to say more work needs to be done to emphasize this. Classes would help, but we need more volunteers who have the time to make it happen. Hai Ok, the lay minister for the Catholic community, would love to hear your ideas.

Leanne Cyr

Class of 2016

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