Opinion: A less stressful way to register for classes

One of the most stressful tasks we students face is course registration. The normally simple act of navigating a series of drop-down menus becomes a high-stakes battle against hundreds of other students, all vying for a very limited number of spaces.

This is why I don’t register through the Course Search and Registration webpage. This is not to say that I have abandoned this portal entirely, but I use it mainly to learn the Course Reference Number (CRN) for a desired course.

I learned about the CRN system for registration during my third semester at FSU, and once I started using it, I’ve been able to reliably and consistently register for courses. Since a surprisingly small number of students are aware of this system, I’ve decided to share it on a larger scale.

When looking at course details from either DegreeWorks or the Course Search and Registration page, the CRN can be found as a five digit number in the CRN column.

I always copy and paste this number into a text document a few days before registration opens. I could just as easily write down the number, but copy and paste ensures that the number is accurate.

About ten minutes before registration opens, I log onto MyFramingham and click on Course Add/Drop in the Academics section. I make the browser take up half of my computer screen, with the other half taken up by the CRN document.

I input my PIN on the browser – which inevitably results in an error message saying registration is closed due to Orientation. I’ve since learned that this is merely a placeholder until registration officially opens.

About one minute before registration, I highlight a CRN in the document and press Ctrl + C (Command + C for you Apple users out there). I then refresh the browser page until the error message is replaced with the usual Add/Drop page.

I scroll down to the bottom and paste the CRN (using Ctrl/Command + V) into one of the boxes. I repeat this copy and paste procedure for all my desired CRNs, and click Submit Changes.

Sometimes there are time conflicts or there are no more available seats, which is why I always make sure to have a back-up set of CRNs. But usually, I successfully manage to register for classes in mere seconds – and every second counts with course registration.

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