Campus police respond to multiple complaints against Larned Hall duo

Campus Police were dispatched to Larned Hall three times in a single night after a seizure of marijuana led to a verbal altercation between two residents outside the building the night of Tuesday, March 24.

The two students have been charged with disorderly behavior and violation of the drug policy, among other charges.

The incident began just before midnight when Sgts. Joseph Woollard and Robert Barrette were dispatched to Larned for a report of marijuana. The Resident Assistant on duty, Joselina Fontes, had originally responded to a noise complaint against the room, but observed marijuana within the room upon arrival.

Current FSU policy prohibits RAs from collecting substances themselves, resulting in the dispatch of the two officers. Once they arrived, they were let into the room, which belongs to one of the two offenders. Woollard collected two marijuana cigarettes from the room’s resident.

After a warrant check came back negative for both students, the officers left, with the room owner escorting an uninvolved friend back to her room in Towers Hall.

Minutes after, however, the officers were dispatched to Larned again for a report of the same two students arguing. Upon arrival, they found the two arguing in the road in front of the building, attracting the attention of residents on the adjacent side. They separated the pair, calmed them down and advised them separately to avoid one another for the night, to which the two agreed. The officers then departed again.

Minutes later, the officers were dispatched to Larned yet again for a report of one of the same students screaming threats of physical harm outside of the building. Upon meeting Fontes and RA Cameron Zamagni at the building, they searched for the student who had issued the threats, but were unable to find him. The two officers left the building for the third time.

Along with the $100 civil citation for marijuana and the charge of disorderly behavior, both students will be charged with taxing campus resources. The second student will be charged with threatening harm.

The student whose room was investigated did not respond to a request for comment. The other said that the two “were very upset with one another” over the situation, but said that they are still “best friends.” He elected not to comment further.

Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life Glenn Cochran said that he could not comment on this specific case for privacy reasons, but referred students to the campus Counseling Center for advice in preventing interpersonal conflicts from escalating to an altercation.

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