SGA Allocates Over $17,000 for the Fashion Show

The fashion club received $17,590 from SGA for its sixth annual Radiance Fashion Show on April 24.

The cost for stage and lighting is $12,540. The remainder of the money will go towards chairs, t-shirts, music provided by DJ Skooby, a photographer, and a videographer.

The Fashion Club is also hosting the Avant Garde show that has previously been hosted by the Natick Mall. Framingham State students can submit their art, such as garments, art pieces, or photography, to be put on display and voted on by the audience members.

The class of 2015 was allocated $5,238.75 for buses to Senior Week activities from Tuesday May 12 to Friday May 15. Tuesday’s trip to Providence, Rhode Island will cost $1,854 for two buses, Wednesday’s trip to Boston will cost $1,080 for one bus, Thursday’s trip to Mohegan Sun will cost $1,648 for two buses and Friday’s trip to Kimball’s Farm will cost $746.75 for two buses.

The Dance Team, in collaboration with The Hilltop Players, was allocated $3,000 for 500 T-shirts for the Week of the Arts. This will be the first Week of the Arts at FSU and will be “an appreciation for all the clubs and organizations involving any type of art on campus,” said The Dance Team’s President Erin Ostromecky.

The Equestrian Club was allocated $1,725 for a trip to Bobby’s Ranch for trail rides. The trail ride costs $1,200  or 30 people, the bus will cost approximately $300 and lunches total $250.

Treasurer Michelle Kontoff said the trip, “is beginner friendly” and their last trip in November 2014 sold out.

In other news:

• Fernando Rodriguez was sworn in as a senator for the Class of 2015.

• Riley Fallon was sworn in as the Beneficiary Chair.

• In the open forum Jorna McSwiggan expressed concern for having a “Recharge Room” for commuter students to relax. SGA President, Kendall Valente, said they are in the process of updating the current student lounge in the McCarthy Center with “different wall paint and bigger sofas.” SGA Student Trustee Brandon Martinez said finding a new space might be possible.

• SGA’s Blood Drive will be April 24 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

• Senator of the Month was Senator Laura Cranshaw.

• E-Board member of the month was Class and Club Treasurer Kaylan Gibbons.