Opinion: Wash you going to do?

When I was a freshman one of the most difficult things I had to deal with was doing my laundry. Seems like such a simple task, but I was faced with this problem every week. Not only was it a struggle then, but it’s still a struggle now. Some of the weeks, I would have to go without doing laundry in my building because all of the machines were broken, and I actually had to visit other buildings just to get it done.

Another issue with the FSU laundry system was the fact that I had to find a way to get quarters. I used to try local stores and restaurants to see if they could make change for me, but was humiliated and denied each time. Not only can FSU do better with fixing the machines, when they are down faster, but how about giving us a little break by putting in a change dispenser?

This way, people will not have to go through the disappointment of trying to find how to obtain quarters to do their laundry. Through the years, I have found an easier solution to washing my clothes by just putting money on my RAMS card, instead of having to go through the quest to find quarters. All you need to do is log onto Blackboard. Go to FSU community on the upper right hand tab. Then click on FSU card account so you can then add money as RAMS cash. That way you can just swipe the card at the station in the laundry room and it will automatically be taken out of your account.

This may be an easier solution for how to pay for laundry, but sadly, it doesn’t help if all the washing machines are broken down in the first place.

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