Opinion: Where did the time go?

Recently, I have noticed that, in some of the two-hour classes that I have been taking, the little ten minute break has been taken away. For the three years that I have been here, a majority of the professors that I have had gave the class one. This semester, two of my classes do not have breaks and one can tell that it annoys some of the students. This ten-minute break for a two-hour class allows students to catch their breath. During this break, students can use the bathroom, check their phones or even discuss private questions with the professor. Without the break, we cannot do that without disrupting the whole class.

It is understandable that because we have had so many snow days, teachers want to get the most out of their class period. Still, there should be some sort of compromise with the students that would allow them to be able to have a little break in the middle of their classes. As a solution to this problem, professors could ask the students if they need a break or not. I’m sure if it was desired, then the students would say so. Communication is important here, people, and so is our time.


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