Opinion: Crocker Hall is all it’s crocked up to be

Recently, FSU administrators made the decision to begin refurbishing Crocker Hall, the oldest building on campus. Built in 1886 as a dormitory, it now houses faculty and administrative offices.

I’m excited for the renovations to begin. I hope they will include an upgraded heating and air conditioning system.

As long as the building is structurally sound, it should not be torn down. Its uniqueness and appeal lie inside – the creaking floorboards, close-knit offices and narrow staircases. It has a different atmosphere than any other building on campus, and I am glad it’s here to stay, at least for a little while longer.

The building has survived multiple disasters and still serves a purpose on campus. It will also be celebrating its 130th anniversary next year – tearing it down one year prior would be shameful.

Geographically, it sits pretty much directly in the middle of campus – taking it away would remove not only one of the most historical structures, but also the heart of FSU. Sure, the 129-year old building has its faults, but without it, we’ll all just be stuck in a bunch of modern-day buildings that just aren’t as appealing.

When I walk into Hemenway Hall, for example, I get a nervous sensation in the pit of my stomach because it brings up painful memories of science and math classes – not exactly my strong suit. However, when I walk into Crocker Hall, it’s as though as though I’m entering a different time. The building has a different feel to it, which makes sense because it was built long before anyone on this campus was born.

I think the renovations will pay off in the long run, both economically and socially. I believe students will appreciate an updated Crocker Hall and hopefully, the faculty working there will enjoy it as well. I view Crocker as the glue holding this university to the past. This institution, as some of you may know, is the first public teacher’s college in the U.S.

Without Crocker Hall, I feel as though FSU would lose a lot of its charm and history, so I agree with the decision to renovate it. Even if I graduate before the renovations are completed, I think faculty will appreciate the upgrades.

One day, I hope Crocker will be transformed into a clubhouse of sorts, where students can go to hang out and socialize in a different type of setting – one with a fireplace and bathtub. In my mind, Crocker will be a more social environment, filled with several couches, a few ping pong tables and a mini-fridge. This will help students come together to create lasting memories and an unforgettable time at FSU.

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