Gatepost Editorial: Only the essentials

Over the past two days, almost everyone in the Metro West area has had snow days – time off to catch up on work, drink some hot chocolate, watch movies or go out and play in the snow.

But for some, the essential personnel, this time has been far from relaxing. In fact, from 7 a.m. Monday morning until 8 p.m. Wednesday night, a dedicated group of Facilities workers have been enduring the freezing temperatures and blustering wind in order to clear the snow from walkways and entryways to keep the campus safe for those who stayed at FSU to weather the storm.

Many of them stayed outside all night long, only napping for a few hours on inflatable mattresses or sleeping bags in the Facilities building on Union Ave.

The crew returned to work on Thursday, and will most likely continue to remove snow and make campus easier to navigate until Saturday.

What’s more, these workers have maintained incredibly high spirits during their days of physical labor in the cold.

Likewise, many of the Dining Services staff were deemed essential personnel, and had to stay over in local hotels in order to report to work during the storm. They served meals to over a thousand customers while understaffed.

Campus Police patrolled during the storm, their cars veering in the slippery slush, putting themselves at risk, to make sure students were safe. Some of these officers also slept on campus or at local hotels in order to be report for duty.

Residence Life staff worked hard to be available for students, make sure living arrangements were safe and ensure that the residence halls would remain warm should the power go out.

All of these workers then had to go home and take care of their own families and property in the aftermath of the storm.

We at The Gatepost want to tell these essential personnel how grateful we are for their hard work and dedication. Everyone on this campus is safer and able to return to school and work sooner because of these workers’ willingness to brave the entirety of this historic storm.

We really can’t say enough how lucky we are to have such devoted and diligent community members who truly are “essential” to this campus.

Please, take a moment in your next few days back to your regular schedule to thank these employees who went above and beyond their daily job to make this campus safe and livable not only for those who stayed during the storm, but also everyone else who has returned to work and school this week.