Letter to the editor

After reading the article, “Tyler DeMoura wins Ram Idol 2013 with stunning ballad,” in the Oct. 25 issue, I was left with two thoughts:

1. Congratulations to Tyler and all who participated.

2. Why do I know exactly what was worn by Ally Epstein And Kaylan Gibbons, yet nothing of what Tyler, the winner, wore?

I suspect that the answer to this question lies in the pervasive double standard that exists in our society, which is not surprising given that males and females are treated differently from infancy onward. Yet, by describing the appearance only of female contestants, aren’t we reinforcing the idea that women are objects?

My goal in sharing this observation is not to admonish the writer of the article but rather to raise awareness in ALL writers (and readers) of culturally-influenced sexism. Being aware of factors that influence us is a first step in avoiding bias.

Stacy Grossman

Professor of Psychology