Need for speed: Wanted

The Internet connection in residence halls comes and goes. Unfortunately, this affects my ability to do school work.

Research papers are a big part of an English major’s life. This is a problem when I am trying to research a topic for a paper and the Internet suddenly crashes because Wi-Fi has been cut off to the residence halls. I wish I could say this affects only me, because then at least other students would not have to feel this pain. Of course, I cannot, because this is a problem that affects many, if not all, students at some point during their careers at FSU.

I get better access to the Internet in the library, so if I need to write a paper and I have a limited amount of time to do so, I go to the library. However, I get annoyed and frustrated when I am in the middle of doing research for a paper and the Internet crashes, because it prevents me from completing a very important part of the paper – the research.

This can also be a problem when registering for classes. Often, students make their class schedules in advance, and then go to register for classes, but they cannot do so because the site has crashed. This is due to a massive amount of traffic online, as students race to be first to register for their classes all at once. As a result, some students are unable to register for the classes they chose, and may be stuck with a class they do not want to take, or more importantly, one that does not satisfy either a requirement in their major or a general education goal. The frustration because of this is understandable, but it could be avoided if there was better Internet access in the residence halls. Better Internet access is a must at FSU.

This also affects students who have to complete online work. This includes quick homework assignments, as well as online exams, for which time is limited. In the latter instance, if the student loses internet access mid-way through the exam, that student may be up a creek without a paddle because all of his or her progress is lost and he or she may not have time to log back in and re-take the exam. Again, a potential disaster like this would not happen if students had better access to the Internet in residence halls.

It would be very helpful to myself and others if Internet access could be improved in residence halls. It is not only an inconvenience, but can also cause students problems in their classes – with various potential negative consequences. All of these problems could be solved with one solution – improve the Internet connection in the residence halls. This problem affects too many students to be put on the back burner.

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