Heed the ‘Call of Duty’ and join the Gaming Club

On a Friday afternoon, students are usually getting ready to start a weekend of relaxation after a week of hell. Papers are most likely handed in, and exams are done with.

However, on a Friday afternoon, passing by club room four after 2:30 p.m., a person most likely will hear sounds of laughter and excited exclamations. Entering the room is a whole other story.

This excitement comes from the members of the Gaming Club. The club was established a few years ago, and their mission is to build community through games and common interests, according to club President Matthew Curtis.

During Gaming Club meetings, adrenaline often hits competitors like a wave. From video games to board games, large groups of students huddle at tables playing against each other or on teams. It doesn’t take long for members to get “amped up.” Students are often shouting in utter enjoyment. There is never a dull moment, and the club itself represents fun, said Curtis.

According to Curtis, an average 40-80 people attend the Gaming Club’s meeting every week. Frequent attendees treat newcomers with great familiarity, as if they have known them their whole lives, said Curtis.

“Our club is basically our group of friends,” said Curtis. “Most of us hang out outside of the club all the time.”

Junior geography major Kim Dewitt was inclined to join the Gaming Club because she wanted to take part in what her friends seemed to be so excited about. In the end, it was a good decision, she said.

“I didn’t use to play games as much as I do now. It honestly grew on me and so did the people here,” said Dewitt.

Kyle Torres, a third-year member, considers himself to be a moderate gamer and a people person – one of the reasons he joined.

“I sort of found this group one day and I easily fit in,” said Torres. “They welcomed me in.”

Mike Davis-Ickes, another third-year member, commented on how friendly the group was to him when he first joined. It is still pretty friendly and relaxed, said Davis-Ickes.

“We do get riled up, but it depends on the games and competition,” he said. “If anything, it is more of an ‘I hate you for beating me.’ Other than that, it’s very relaxed.”

Davis-Ickes has been in the Gaming Club off and on, and was able to watch Curtis move from treasurer to president.

“Matt is soft-spoken, yet super friendly. He always listens and pays attention to everyone’s thoughts and ideas,” said Davis-Ickes. “That is what makes a good leader.

During the Week of Kindness, Gaming Club members set up a table covered in board games in the McCarthy lobby for students to play or watch.

“We have a passion for not only gaming, but the community that we built here,” Curtis said. “We hope to inspire others.”

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